Nurses2canada is a professional recruitment agency catering to the nurses who want to migrate and work in Canada. We provide online training for CRNE and IELTS and see that the nurses get through the tests. Then, we look after visa formalities and provide placements in the best hospitals or nursing homes.We are proud to say that since its establishment in 2004, our company has trained hundreds of nurses to become successful in CRNE.

Our experienced CRNE trainers have wonderfully developed an online training portal for CRNE. This online training will greatly help you to prepare for the difficult CRNE Examination.

Benefits of Online CRNE Training:

  • Easy to understand and to follow online lessons
  • You can access it from any place at any time convenient to you
  • You can access any module of the course as many times as you need
  • Online tests and make self-assessment
  • Friendly and effective tutor assistance

“Canadian Registered Nurse”

In Canada, Overseas Registered Nurses are employed in various positions such as clinical nurses, nursing consultants, community health care nurses so on and so forth. Since there is a shortage of Registered Nurses in Canada, it is the right time for nurses in other countries to opt to pursue their careers there. Canada, compared to other countries, offers excellent salaries to its nurses. Moreover, the working conditions there are reportedly ideal for the Registered Nurses.

However, to become a Registered Nurse in Canada, one has to qualify in the CRNE (Canada Registered Nurses Exam) along with the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). A pass in the CRNE is a must for an employer in Canada to take an overseas nurse into service. We at CARE GLOBE provide online training for overseas nurses aspiring for a professional nursing career in Canada. Our experience of training nursing aspirants online over the years has helped us devise a working courseware that gives practical support to the candidates preparing for CRNE.

Nursing training that we provide through our exclusive Canada Registered Nurses Placements (CRNP) program aims at providing the candidates with an end-to-end training that equips them with necessary skills to take the test with confidence. In addition, as the name suggests, CRNP provides placement assistance for overseas nurses. This overseas nursing program renders complete help to the nurses who want to live in Canada. In this, we help them in handling personal taxes, accommodation, mortgages, education, insurance and so on. Besides, people going to Canada for the first time to write the CRNE test may have a problem in finding the right accommodation, we assist them in this regard. However, they need to pay the hotel expenses.

Apart from providing online training to the nursing aspirants overseas, CARE GLOBE also offers Nursing Employment. Providing employment to nurses is one of our mottoes. With our network, having reached far and wide across Canada, we provide excellent placements for nurses. Once the candidate qualifies in the CRNE, we consult with the best employers and see that the candidate is accommodated in a reputed hospital. Placements are the primary concern of the overseas nurses in moving abroad. Keeping that in mind, we stretch our research programs to gather the latest information about the best companies that provide best opportunities not only in terms of salary but also in terms of working conditions and inform the candidates accordingly so that they can make informed decisions about their jobs.

As a nursing consultancy, we provide counseling to the candidates both at professional and personal levels. Our trainers will always be accessible to the candidates who can consult them on their doubts regarding how to prepare for the CRNE and IELTS tests and also they can get extra inputs on how to overcome their personal weaknesses.

As Canada has many more positions for Registered Nurses than ever before, it’s the right time for overseas nurses to capitalize. Our effective training programs for nursing in Canada and placement mechanism hugely serve the aspirants to get the right opportunity with minimum effort.